About Us

Meet Abe, The Locksmith


We are a small business servicing Broward County and Palm Beach County.   We conduct business with honesty and respect, treating every customer the same no matter the size of the job.  

Abe is the owner and  operator of Abe’s Mobile Locksmith.  

15 years ago while living in Long Beach, California, Abe developed a new passion for the Locksmith trade.  He started working at “Bayside Lockshop” for this guy named Tim.  Tim really took Abe under his wing and taught him everything he needs to know.  From basic residential lock outs to Commercial hardware installation.  Of course safes and automotive in between.  

“While everyone was learning human anatomy, I was fascinated by the anatomy of a lock“

-Abe Zevuloni-

Why Choose Us

We are available 24/7 with professional service in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Highly trained technicians ready to provide expert key and lock service around the clock for all brands of locks, safes & automobiles. 

Licensed Insured & Bonded for your convenience.