Medeco Facts


Pick Resistant

Double-Locking Action makes Medeco pick proof.  

Drill Resistant

Medeco uses special hardened steel inserts to make it impossible to drill

Key Control

Medeco uses a special key card so no one can make a copy except for the owner. 


Medeco Keys

How to make copies

As long as you have the security card that belongs to your Medeco brand lock, then you can Make a copy. 

We provide service to cut your medeco keys same day.  You will pay $25.00 per key, plus service call of $29.00. 

We we will pick up your card, take it to the shop and return with fresh cut Medeco keys.  As easy as that. 

Can I get my Medeco lock rekeyed

The answer to this is yes!  Again, as long as you have the medeco security card, then we can Rekey your Medeco lock to work on a different key.